Frita cubana

Its origins go back to 1930 as street food. They were made in propane stoves and sold in cars that lined the street … More Frita cubana


Tamales cubanos

Cuban tamales are made with tender corn and pork. The recipe varies according to the province. Its preparation is usually quite laborious, it is best to meet as a family and make a great party of elaboration … More Tamales cubanos


It has a lot of demand, so it is not uncommon for you to wait in line before entering. While you wait you can enjoy the views of your garden, but if you want to avoid this wait, better book before you go … More Starbien

Cuba libre

The name of Cuba Libre comes from the day in which the Cubans managed to become independent from the Spaniards in 1898, thanks to American aid. With this recipe they celebrated their freedom. It is said that this recipe was taken from the American soldiers … More Cuba libre