Districts of the Havana

4 are the districts of the Havana where the tourists are in the habit of lodging: Old Havana, Havana Center, Vedado and Miramar.

Zones of the Havana

Old Havana

Old Havana is the zone where major colonial Spanish influence can be found by us. In her we can see many buildings of the XVIth and XVIIth century.

Between his squares they emphasize the Plaza of Weapon, the Old Plaza, the Plaza of the Cathedral and the Plaza of San Francisco.

And we cannot forget the street Obispo, in that you will be able to enjoy, in his many restaurants and bars of live music while you take a mojito, a daiquirí or a pineapple strained between others, or to enjoy places as emblematic as the Floridita or the Bodeguita del Medio.

The Floridita

Many of his colonial houses adjust to the typical Spanish architecture: big doors of wood, houses of an alone plant with a central opened court. An example of this architecture they would be the restaurant the Mina in the Plaza of Weapon or the Court in the Plaza of the Cathedral.

In 1994 one believes the State Agency Habaguanex, created non-profit-making company.

Many state restaurants and services related to the Old Havana belong to this agency that currencies take charge generating across the tourism and reinvest it in the conservation and restoration of community projects.

Havana Center

Havana Center, in his day, was the most elegant part of the Havana and his principal streets were San Rafael and Neptuno, which they were the most commercial streets of the Havana.

Old Havana and Havana Center are divided by the walk of the Meadow. A long walk that it begins in levee and finishes in the Capitol.


This boulevard was competing in time with the boulevards of European cities as Madrid or Paris.

Havana Center neither is so popular as the Old Havana nor possesses his heritage, by what so many resources are not destined for his conservation.

Many buildings are in a very lamentable condition of conservation and his inhabitants suffer frequent courts of electricity, some houses live if it waters down.

It does not remove that this zone has his captivation and, though in minor measure, also it possesses monuments and very attractive zones of visiting since can be the Capitol, to the Chinese Neighborhood, the Boulevard San Rafael or Hamel’s alley.


Vedado happens for being one of the modern neighborhoods of the Havana. It was constructed when the American influence was in full height in the island.

His major brilliance took place in the year 1920 and 1930.

Given the nearness of the island to his coasts, these they were coming in mass for Ferry from Miami. Here it was possible to consume alcohol whereas in The United States the Prohibition was applied.

In the epoch of Batiste, the American mafia was investing strong quantities of money in Vedado, exploiting the tourist industry based on the alcohol, the game and the prostitution.

The influence of the mafia associated to hotels as the Capri, the National Hotel or the Riviera.

During this period there were constructed some of his more emblematic buildings of the zone since they are the University of the Havana or the National Hotel.


Other zones to visiting would be the famous Ramp of the Havana, near which there stay the Hotel Free Havana or the famous ice-cream parlour Coppelia.


In Miramar’s residential zone it is possible to see the American influence. Garden was designed as the cities Americans.

The white millionaires who were living in this neighborhood, were the first ones in leaving Cuba after the victory of the Revolution.

In this zone there center most of the embassies and the most modern hotels of the Havana.


Here we can find many zones at which foreign workers lodge, and many services have developed to satisfy his needs, such as, 2 hospitals deprived for foreigners, international schools and a great supermarket on the corner of 70 with 3 ª.

Here we can find a model of the Havana to scale 1:1000 that still is not complete and that occupies more than 1.500 square feet. This model you can see her in the Center for the Integral Development of the City.

When a new building is going to be constructed, first it is inserted in the model to see the impact that is going to have.


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