Cuba libre

The name of Cuba Libre comes from the day in which the Cubans managed to become independent from the Spaniards in 1898, thanks to American aid.

With this recipe they celebrated their freedom. It is said that this recipe was taken from the American soldiers.

For this they took the traditional American drink, the cola and the Cuban, the rum, they added lime and toasted for freedom. It is said that they would have offered with a “Viva Cuba libre”.

The exiled Cubans called this drink the gulp of the little lie, since they really passed from Spanish to American dominion.

In the Anglo-Saxon countries this drink is known as “rum and cocke” (rum and cola).

It is quick to prepare, it has few ingredients, only rum, cola, lime and ice.


Depending on the type of drink the taste can vary a lot.


  •  3 or 4 ice cubes
  • White rum
  • Lima
  • Cola drink


1-    The files are washed and cut in quarters

2-    Put in a glass and squeeze with a wooden stick

3-    Fill the glass with ice cubes until about a quarter

4-    Add rum to taste, without going over and the cola is added to fill the capacity of the glass

5-    You can decorate the glass with slices of lime

Cuba libre


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