Sex on the beach

Sex on the beach

Sex on the beach is a cocktail that has become very popular in Cuba in recent years. Ideal for heat, fresh and very easy to prepare.

Depending on the country or place, it can be prepared in different ways.

Its origin dates back to 1987 in Florida and was the result of a contest. It was about promoting the peach liqueur and the bartender who would sell the most cocktails would be the winner.

Its creator and winner, Ted Pizio, baptized it with that name since it is what people wanted when they went to the beaches of Florida, “sex on the beach”.

Originally made with peach liqueur, vodka, orange juice and grenadine.


It became so popular that many people asked for it in the United States, but the bartenders, not knowing how it was prepared, made their variations with other ingredients, which gave rise to the different variants that are known.

This is how the perfect sex on the beach is prepared:


• 5 cl. Vodka
• 2 cl. Peach schnapps
• 4 cl. Orange juice
• 4 cl. Cranberry juice

  1. It can be prepared both in a cocktail shaker or directly in a glass.
  2. In case of using a cocktail shaker, add ice to the ingredients, stir and strain in a glass with ice cubes.
  3. In case of preparing it in the glass, mix the ingredients with a spoon
  4. Decorate with a slice of orange and a cherry.




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