O´Reilly 304

O´Reilly 304

The O’Reilly 304 restaurant is located in the middle of Old Havana, parallel to the famous Obispo Street, one of the busiest and most atmospheric streets of Old Havana.

O’Reilly 304 offers quality food, good cocktails and a service that will make you come back again and again.


Easily recognizable from the outside by its window, from which you can see the good atmosphere that is breathed in this restaurant.


The restaurant has two heated floors and is decorated in a simple but pleasant way, in a comfortable environment and where you can breathe a good atmosphere.


On the access staircase to the second floor, you will see a blackboard with the menu of the day written with white chalk next to a large mirror that decorates and highlights on its ocher bricks.

The restaurant is not very big, but it is well distributed and this makes it more family friendly. Due to its small size, the music is recorded, but it is appreciated, since sometimes live music does not allow you to have a conversation.

This restaurant stands out for its good food, with innovative dishes and an exquisite flavor. Among them, Mexican, Italian and Cuban food stands out.

Among them stand out O’Reilly tacos, tuna tataki, Peruvian ceviche, malanga fritters, grilled chicken dijon, their empanadillas, vegetarian fideua or their lemon and napoleon pie.


In its tables you can see some glass jars with its famous spicy sauce to accompany the dishes if you wish. It is an exclusive family secret of this palate.

Do not forget to try their exquisite cocktails accompanying this exquisite food.


Among them, the famous mojito and piña colada stands out, but it also has a wide variety of natural juices, among which the mango one stands out, as well as a varied mix of gin, rum and wiski.

Their prices range between 5 and 15 CUC. It can be said that it is an average price in Havana that if you compare it with Europe it is cheap.

O´Reilly 304

Address: O’Reilly 304, between Habana and Aguiar
Phone: +53 786 302 06 / +53 526 447 25


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