The climate in Cuba

The climate in Cuba is subtropical with two very different seasons:

  • Dry season: from November to April, with maximum temperatures between 21 and 28 ºC, and minimum temperatures between 18 and 24 ºC.
  • Summer: from May to October, the average temperature is 30 ºC with higher humidity.

The hurricane season is from June to October, with most of the storms occurring between September and October.
Therefore, the best time to visit Cuba is between November and April, the dry season.

Table of temperatures and rainfall in Cuba

The climate in Cuba
Water temperature in Cuba

Its beaches are of fine sand and crystalline and shallow waters, whose temperature is usually above 25 ºC.

In Cuba you can bathe during the whole year. The temperature of the water goes from:

• 24ºC, in the months of February and March
• 28ºC, from June to October

In Cuba the degree of humidity is usually 80%, which means that the sensation of heat is higher than the actual temperature, which is why in Cuba a greater sweating is normal.

Although Cuba has more than 300 days of summer sun, it is possible that, without realizing it, the sky will be covered with clouds and will discharge a strong storm, which usually does not last long, which is sometimes appreciated.

lluvia niños
The time for months

Is a month of transition between the two seasons. The summer or the rainy season ends, and the dry season or winter begins. The weather begins to improve, it is fresh and pleasant, and it is the end of the hurricane season. It’s sunny, so you can go to the beach and do outdoor activities. The average temperature is 24 ° C. The average rainfall is 87 mm.

Month with perfect weather, it is sunny, but not hot. It is ideal to do tourism activities, go to the beach …
The average temperature is 23 ° C, with the minimum of 19 ° C and maximum of 26 ° C. It rains very little, averaging 58 mm throughout the month.
Has the typical conditions of the dry season. It is one of the coldest months of the year, sometimes you can find temperatures with minimums around 10 ° C.
The humidity is the lowest of the year, and the average rainfall is 65 mm and a frequency of 6 days with rain.
Another typical month of the dry season. The average of the minimum temperature is 22 ºC.
The minimum temperature is around 18 degrees and the maximum is 26 degrees. The average humidity is 75% and the rainfall is 67 mm. February has 5 days with rainfall on average.
Dry season, it is the month with less rain, the total rainfall is 46 mm. The temperature is a bit high compared to the previous months. The minimum of 19 and the maximum of 27 degrees.
It is a perfect month to get to know the island and enjoy the weather. There are about 9 hours of sunlight and the water has an average temperature of 26 ° C.
Last month of the dry season. It is a month of transition, temperatures begin to rise, but there are some cold fronts in between. 
The minimum temperature is 21 and the maximum of 28. The total precipitation is 54 mm and with only 3 rainy days.
It is the beginning of the rainy season in Cuba, but it does not mean that it starts raining all over the country. Lightning storms will start in some areas, especially during the afternoons and early evening hours. 
The total rainfall rises to 98 mm. Much more rain than the previous months. But rain does not mean cold in Cuba, the temperature rises to a minimum of 22 and maximum of 29ºC. 
The days are longer, there are 10 hours of sunlight and the water temperature rises to 28 ° C.
Is the month that rains most in Cuba, the average rainfall is 180 mm, almost double the previous months. There are at least 14 rainy days this month.
The hurricane season starts in June, but this is not the only atmospheric phenomenon, there can also be thunderstorms and tropical storms. The strongest hurricanes are rare.
June is a warm month, with the highest temperature of 30 ° C and the lowest of 23 ° C.
Represents a fall in the rainy season, the average rainfall is 125 mm, and the temperature keeps rising to 31 ° C and the minimum of 23 ° C.
There may be showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening. There are 12 rainy days this month. In July the days are longer, there is sunlight 11 hours.

The temperatures reach their highest value, the minimum is 24 ° C and the maximum is 31 ° C. Besides being in the middle of the rainy season, it is rainy like May, with more than 98 mm of rainfall. 
This is the month with the highest cyclonic activity of hurricanes and tropical storms. It is one of the favorite months for Cubans to go to the beaches, due to the heat.
It is a month of hot temperatures, humidity and high incidence of tropical storms and hurricanes. For example, in 2017 Hurricane Irma arrived on the island in September. It was a Category 4 hurricane. But keep in mind that not every year there is this kind of cyclones.

It is a rainy month. On the coast there is less rain than in the center of the country. It is a perfect month for activities on the beach, because it is a typical summer.

Is the last month of summer and the rainy season. Historically the most dangerous in the hurricane season. But keep in mind what we had told you before, every year there are no hurricanes. 
It’s a good summer month, perfect for going to the beach and doing water sports. The average temperature is 26 ° C. It still rains but not much. Rains not associated with tropical storms are usually in the afternoon and not for long.


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