Ajiaco café

Ajiaco café

The Ajiaco café is one of the best rated restaurants. It is located in a ranchón on the outskirts of Havana.

Ajiaco café

Its furniture is simple, composed of tables and wooden stools to match the wooden structure of the ranchón.



The Ajiaco café stands out for its Cuban cuisine among which the most typical dishes of its gastronomy predominate. It is one of the few restaurants that bet almost entirely on typical Cuban cuisine.

Tostones rellenos

As not, among them the Ajiaco Criollo, which is the suggestion of the house and is made with a great variety of vegetables and meat.
It has a cuban rice for 2.50 CUC, rice with chicken in a pimento base and beer bath for 6 CUC or a seafood rice for 8 CUC.

Stuffed chicken with congrí

In its menu you can find around 200 dishes and a good selection of drinks that you can not miss.

Ajiaco Café

You can not miss its delicious desserts, among which the pumpkin flan stands out.

Ajiaco Café
Dessert at the Ajiaco Café

It also has an excellent cocktail bar among which highlights the house cocktail, the Ajiaco Mojito composed of aged rum, honey, lemon juice, good grass, sparkling water, ice and hot pepper for 2.75 CUC.

Ajiaco Café

They do not charge 10% of the service, here, on the contrary, if they give you the Amigo card they discount 10%.

Address: Calle 92 # 267 between 5ª and 3ª E, Cojimar


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