El Museo del Chocolate


Although it is not a restaurant I have put it in this section because it seems an interesting place for chocolate lovers if they want to take one while walking through Old Havana and want to refresh in it, since it has quite high refrigeration and always Thank you for the warmth you do on the street.

El Museo del Chocolate

It is not a museum proper, you can see something of the billing process of this product, but it is rather a place to have a chocolate or buy figurines or chocolate bars.

El Museo del Chocolate

The Chocolate Museum is located between the streets Amargura and Mercaderes in Old Havana.

El Museo del Chocolate

There is a corner, and in this, there is a large green double cross of cedar varnished in green, name by which is also known, “The House of the Green Cross”.

El Museo del Chocolate

This Cross marks one of the stations of the Via Crucis that took place every Holy Friday.

On its walls you can see texts with the history of chocolate and posters from different eras. You can know the history of chocolate from its cultivation to its commercialization.

El Museo del Chocolate

It also has cabinets with a collection of porcelain chocolate cups from different countries.

museo del chocolate interior 1

On Tuesdays and Fridays, at 11 o’clock in the morning, chocolate is prepared as the Aztecs prepared it, with sweet pepper and nutmeg and shows how the chocolates are made by hand.

museo del chocolate 4

In their menu they have a glass of cold chocolate, a cup of traditional hot chocolate flavored with cinnamon and vanilla or azteca flavored with pepper and nutmeg, toast with butter, chocolates, tablets and chocolate figurines.

El Museo del Chocolate

The cocoa comes from Baracoa, first city founded in Cuba and famous for this crop. Nice city that is worth visiting, although it is quite far from Havana, it is the easternmost city of Cuba.

El Museo del Chocolate

Their prices are cheap, a cup of chocolate costs 0.55 cuc and the cold glass 1 cuc and they are accompanied by a chocolate or cookies. The pity is that they do not sell cocoa to go.

El Museo del Chocolate

Address: Mercaderes street, corner with Amargura, Old Havana
Phone: +53 786 644 31

2 respuestas a “El Museo del Chocolate

  1. I have returned in September 2019 and I am sorry to say that it is no longer what it was. I have been there 2 times this holiday and I have had the unpleasant surprise that only the glass of cold chocolate has and has risen to 2 CUC, which seems to me quite expensive to be from the state. we hope that

    Me gusta


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