La Dichosa

La Dichosa

Located in Obispo Street, one of the busiest streets of Old Havana, it is difficult to pass without paying attention to this place, since it occupies a corner, between Havana and Compostela.

La Dichosa

With live music, this can be enjoyed even from the street as many people do, since the group plays very close to the entrance door.


It is more a place to have a drink and enjoy your live music, although if you feel like it, they also serve food, both in front of the bar and in a room they have in the back and which I have never entered since when I go I prefer to enjoy the Musical and street atmosphere that can be seen from any table.


Its decoration is typical Cuban like most of the state premises with wooden chairs and tables.


La Dichosa is a good place to have a drink and relax after a long walk, yes, do not expect air conditioning, only have fans, if you want something cooler you will have to go to private places.

La Dichosa
Their dishes are not very plentiful and the price can be said to be moderate. You can find cheaper places to eat in the area, but the atmosphere sometimes deserves it.

La Dichosa

La Dichosa

When you enter the Blessed One it is as if the time stopped, when everything was simpler and the people went without haste.

Lately it does not have as much atmosphere as years ago due to the opening of private premises, which, sometimes, monopolize all the beer leaving the premises of the state without stock, which causes that each time they open later and close before, but if you have chance to enter do not hesitate.

Address: Obispo Street corner Compostela, Old Havana
Phone: (+53) 786 152 92


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