Unión francesa de Cuba

Unión francesa de Cuba

One of my favorite restaurants in the area of ​​Vedado, with good service, good food, yes, it is cold. I do not know why, in Cuba they have the habit of putting air conditioning strong enough in some restaurants or in Viazul buses.

Unión francesa de Cuba

One of the first times I was the taxi driver was confused with the address and instead of taking me to Lennon park he took me to Lenin park.

Founded in 1925, the French Union of Cuba was created to enhance French customs and traditions in Cuba.

It also has a nice outdoor terrace.



This restaurant is located in a 3-story chalet located in the Lennon Park in Havana. On the first floor you can enjoy its Creole and international food, on the second floor of Italian food and on the third of a barbecue with charcoal.

First floor, international and Creole food
First floor, international and Creole food

As in most restaurants in Havana, be patient when waiting for the dishes. As usually happens in Cuba, the dishes are prepared at the time, not as it usually happens in other countries that usually reheat them or have most of the ingredients already prepared. This is because with the blackouts that occur from time to time in Cuba, it is not advisable to have full freezers in case the entire product is spoiled. Therefore, the more elaborate the dish, the longer it will take to serve them.

Second floor, Italian food
Second floor, Italian food

Among its dishes you can taste the rabbit with the olive, duck a la criolla, its variety of delicious pastas and pizzas or its exquisite grilled brochettes.

Camarones enchilados

Ropa Vieja

The average price is usually 7 cuc. It also has a bar if you prefer to wait in the drink.

Their dishes are plentiful, I, that I eat a lot, I do not usually finish the spaghetti with shrimp that I usually ask for every time I go.

Third floor grill
Third floor grill

Menu grill

Do not forget to try their delicious ice cream desserts of coconut, pineapple or mamey. Without a doubt my favorite mamey, I did not know that fruit before going, do not miss it in ice cream or smoothie.

Mamey ice cream
Mamey ice cream

Un buen sitio para descansar después de una buena comida es el Submarino Amarillo, situado en las inmediaciones del restaurante.

Address: Calle 17 esq.6 # 861 e / 4 and 6. Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución


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