El Submarino Amarillo

El Submarino Amarillo

The Yellow Submarine is undoubtedly one of the reference places of Havana night in the area of ​​Vedado.

It is a bar that has live music and that stands out for its yellow interior that honors the Beatles.

El Submarino Amarillo

It is located next to the famous Lennon Park, where you can see a sculpture of John Lennon sitting on a bench and that delights photographers by sitting with him and taking pictures.

El Submarino Amarillo

Located in the basement of the building, it has a bar in the shape of a submarine keel with hatches and decorated with images and covers of their discs.

El Submarino Amarillo

It has a capacity of about 100 people and brings together both Cubans and foreigners who want to enjoy a different musical offer than what is usually offered in the rest of the clubs in Havana.


The interior is decorated with bright colors that stand out on its blue walls and where you can see lyrics of Beatles songs, creating a unique and cozy atmosphere.


Here you can enjoy concerts with bands that play music by the Beatles, Rolling Stones or Deep Purple among others.


You can also enjoy the showing of films, videos and concerts by the Beatles.


Address: Calle 17, corner 6 (in front of Lennon Park)
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 2 pm to 2 am. Free admission until 8 pm.

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