Dolphinariums in Cuba


The best way to enjoy nature with family or friends is undoubtedly the dolphinarium. Here you can watch a show with dolphins, caress them or swim with them. Some of the dolphinariums, after the show, allow you to take a bath with them.
The dolphin happens to be one of the most sensitive and intelligent animals of the animal kingdom.
In the dolphinarium you can enjoy aquatic acrobatics with hoops, balls or exercises to the rhythm of the music.
It is recommended to bring light clothing, sunglasses, caps and swimsuit, and of course, a camera to immortalize the moment. 

The Cienfuegos has to be one of the first and best dolphinariums in Cuba

This dolphinarium is located in a beautiful swamp of calm waters, located 17 kilometers from Cienfuegos, towards the beach of Rancho Luna. It has a certificate of excellence granted by TripAdvisor.

 Dolphinarium of Cienfuegos
 Its opening hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. except on Wednesdays.
In it you will see two shows, one with sea lions and another with dolphins. At 10 in the morning and at 2 in the afternoon.
It has 4 defines, Luna and Tritón, with which you can bathe and Perla and Benny, that together with the sea shells Lily and Serena offer us their show.

Dolphinarium of Cienfuegos
Among its services it has the show, the bath with dolphins, photographic services, cafeteria service and light food, saves bags. 

 Dolphinarium of Cienfuegos


Swimming with dolphins is 50 CUC for adults and 33 CUC for children under 11 years of age.
Show is 10 CUC for adults and 6 CUC for children under 11 years.
Photographic service is 10 CUC, 8×10 photo and 40 CUC, one cd with all the photos.

There is a regulation that prohibits bathing pregnant women and children under 6 years of age.
You can book in the dolphinarium by phone +53 435 48120 

Dolphins in Varadero, the best spa in Cuba 

This dolphinarium has 500 seats that are almost always occupied. One of the favorite sites for visitors visiting Varadero.

The dolphinarium of Varadero

Located near a coastal lake with high protection of fauna and flora about 12 kilometers from the entrance of the spa.

The dolphinarium of Varadero

Here you can enjoy 4 daily shows, between 8 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. They have 13 dolphins “bottle nose”.

The dolphinarium of Varadero

These are in a huge pool surrounded by trees and with lots of vegetation. Here the dolphins live quiet and well cared for. You can enjoy swimming with them for 15 minutes.

The dolphinarium of Varadero


Show: 15 CUC
Photo with dolphins: 5 CUC
Swim with dolphins: Adults 75 CUC, children 65 CUC
Entrance with camera: 5 CUC
With video camera: 10 CUC

Nearby, it has facilities with a playground, gift shops, a cafe, dromedary rides with animals such as iguanas, pelicans, horses and you can enjoy the landscape with its mangroves, coconut trees and palms.

Phone: +53 45 668 031

The largest dolphinarium in the country is in Cayo Santa María 

Cuba’s largest dolphinarium is located in Cayo Santa María. Here you can enjoy catamaran rides and swim with dolphins. It is possibly the largest dolphinarium in Latin America.

Dolphinarium of Cayo Santa María
It has a cruise with a capacity of 80 seats and 9 hours where you can enjoy snorkeling in two coral reefs full of marine flora and fauna.
The tour starts at 9 in the morning and includes the show with dolphins and interaction with them.
It has 6 swimming pools for a total of about 21 dolphins that offer 2 daily shows from 11 in the morning and at 3 in the afternoon. It also has an area for sea lions.

Dolphinarium of Cayo Santa María
Here you can enjoy delicious seafood dinners. They also have a bar, gift shops, photographs and more than 6 pools. 

Very close to this facility is Cayo Las Brujas which also has excellent sea beds and a port with 9 catamarans, 6 deep-sea fishing yachts, 36 speedboats for excursions and 2 yachts for diving.
You can hire the excursion to the dolphinarium from your hotel with the transfers included.

Dolphinarium of Cayo Santa María
You can also hire the 1-day catamaran cruise that includes 15 minutes with the dolphins. In this case the participants are standing on a platform that is submerged 1 meter below the water. It is not swimming with dolphins. 


Show with dolphins 5 CUC for adults and 3 CUC for children. From zero to 2 years free.
Swim with dolphins for 30 minutes 69 CUC.
You can hire a photographer to take photos and videos with the dolphins. It is advisable to check the contents of the DVD before leaving the dolphinarium.
To get to the dolphinarium you can do it by taking a taxi that will charge between 3 and 15 CUC depending on the chosen hotel or by panoramic bus that will charge 2 CUC per trip regardless of the chosen hotel. 

The renewed environment of Cayo Guillermo 

At the entrance of the key is located in a natural area this dolphinarium of singular beauty.

Cayo Guillermo dolphinarium
Here you can also enjoy swimming with dolphins. They have 6 dolphins with which you can enjoy both the show and playing with them in the water.

Cayo Guillermo dolphinarium
The most popular offer is to swim with them 30 minutes, being able to be with them up to 10 people at a time.

Cayo Guillermo dolphinarium
Among its offers you can also enjoy its bar with its typical Cuban cocktails or bathe in this natural environment.


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