La Lluvia de Oro

La Lluvia de Oro

The Lluvia de Oro is one of my favorite places, since it was the first bar I stepped on when I arrived in Havana the first time. I also tried my first mojito listening to live music and enjoying that Cuban atmosphere that transports you to the past.

La Lluvia de Oro

It is a good place to stop when you visit Old Havana to take something listening to music and rest, but still feel the typical Cuban atmosphere.

La Lluvia de Oro

It is one of the bars that attract attention when you walk through Obispo, since they occupy a corner of this main street in Old Havana.

La Lluvia de Oro

Already in 1900 there was a coffee in this place that was changing its name, until in 1933 it became known as La Lluvia de Oro.

La Lluvia de Oro

When you enter it you are transported to the past by its decoration, with its dark wood bar, the fans rotating in the roof … it’s as if time has stopped.

La Lluvia de Oro

In their bar they prepare one of the best mojitos in Havana, a pleasure to see how they make them while listening to Cuban traditional music live.

La Lluvia de Oro

The atmosphere changes according to whether it is in the morning, afternoon or evening, its clientele being very heterogeneous, mixing both tourists and Cubans.

It is an ideal place to get to know the Cuban night and to dare to dance, although the competition is strong.


Here, the singer Kylie Minogue made a video with the famous Cuban group Gente de Zona.

Here you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner while you drink something. It does not have an especially varied menu or dishes that are too elaborate, but to drink something is not bad.

Pescado grillé al jugo de limón

Your kitchen can be considered as light. They offer pizzas, entrepanes, old clothes, grilled fish ..

Ropa vieja


Their prices are not cheap, but it is worth taking something and enjoying their atmosphere.

Menu Lluvia de Oro

Address: Calle Obispo 316, corner Calle Habana, La Habana Vieja
Phone: (+53) 7862 9870


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