Viñales tour, horseback excursion and traditional food

Viñales is one of the most tourist cities in Cuba thanks to its rich natural heritage and its proximity to Havana.

Viñales happens to be one of the mandatory getaways for all tourists who visit Havana. You will be surprised by its nature, its customs and its traditions.

Departure: From Havana
Time: 7.00


The tour begins at the Mirador de los Jazmines, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the valley with its famous mogotes in the background. This tour will be done with an official guide of the Park that will accompany them throughout their journey.

Viñales tour, horseback excursion and traditional food
The visit continues visiting the Mural of the Prehistory, the Cave of the Indian, the Palenque of the maroons and the Hotel la Ermita. If you wish, you can take a short tour of the town of Viñales.

Mural of the Prehistory

Cave of the Indian

There is a stop to have lunch in a ranchón, where you can taste a delicious traditional Creole food in a natural environment and surrounded by nature.

Lunch in ranchón
At the end of the lunch we will make a horseback excursion starting the tour along the path called Palmarito.

Horseback excursion
This tour will be done through rural roads through tobacco fields.

The first stop is at the farmer’s farm, where they will visit the most famous tobacco plantations in the region and visit a drying room where they will be explained the drying of the tobacco leaf and the whole process of making the authentic artisan, which You can taste it courtesy of the peasant.

Pure manufacturing
A second stop will take place in a peasant house, where you can taste the authentic Criollo coffee and the option to try its famous piña colada, the guarapo or any other type of traditional cocktails in the region.

Guarapo Manufacturing
Continue on the way to a natural lake of impressive beauty, where you can take a refreshing swim in its waters surrounded by exotic nature. They will also have the opportunity to taste, if they wish, any typical drink of the region accompanied by traditional Cuban music.

Natural lake
Next stop, a traditional cafe with an impressive viewpoint. If you wish, you can taste their traditional Cuban food with one of the best views of the Viñales Valley.
We will make an intermediate stop to fill the stomach, take pictures of its impressive valley, a World Heritage Site, and we will show you the cultivation of coffee, and the traditional guayabita rum, which is only grown in Pinar del Río.

Rum guayabita
On the way back we will be walking along rural roads surrounded by fields and nature, and you can see some peasant working his land as it was done in the past.

Peasant picking fruit
To finish, I return to Havana.


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