Los 3 Chinitos (Miramar)

Los 3 Chinitos

This restaurant was located for years in Chinatown, now it has moved to the Miramar area.

It offers Cuban, Italian and international food and surprise the most demanding customers with their dishes well prepared and presented.


It is a cafeteria-pizzeria open 24 hours a day. It also offers a fast delivery service, so that the food reaches the right temperature.


It is a good place to try dishes prepared in the traditional way, that is, the price is somewhat higher than in other restaurants.


When the night comes many restaurants close, that’s when others come alive and become lively cafes or restaurants where people do not stop entering at any time of night.

It is a meeting point for both visitors and habaneros as it has a pleasant outdoor terrace that does not close 24 hours. Here you can have breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, order a hamburger, pizza … at any time of day, or have the first or last drink of the night.

Terrace of the 3 Chinitos

On the first floor it has a dining room decorated with large paintings, red lights and screens with bright waterfalls. The decoration is not great, but it is adorned with charm.

Interior of the 3 Chinitos

It has a very cozy atmosphere with air-conditioned spaces and outdoor area for smokers, with good recorded music, food to take away and buffet.
At street level, it has a pizzeria located on a nice terrace with tables.

Terrace of the 3 Chinitos

The menu is very extensive for an establishment that opens out of conventional hours, with a selection of sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, pastas and assorted pizzas.

In the 3 Chinitos you can enjoy menus such as chicken salads, shrimp cocktail, hamburgers, sandwiches, entrepanes, fried rice, pizzas, spaghetti, stuffed pasta, juices, French sweets, cannelloni, fruit ice creams, coffees, soft drinks and cocktails .


It also offers juices of all kinds of tropical fruits seasoned with ginger or cinnamon that you can taste on its lovely terrace, which rests in the shade of a few banana trees.

Address: Calle 42 between Third and Fifth Avenue
Phone: +53 7 2024408
Hours: Open 24 hours a day


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