Tour to Tope de Collantes and Caburní Falls

Within the Sierra de Escambray, declared a World Heritage Site, there is the Natural landscape called Topes de Collantes, an immense protected area of ​​Cuba.

Tour to Tope de Collantes and Caburní Falls
This protected area has several tourist attractions for the enjoyment of visitors:

Salto del Caburní. It is a very popular trek that takes place through coffee plantations, traditional farmers’ houses, and cliffs to end up in the river, where you can bathe if you wish.

Salto del Caburní
La Batata. Place that offers impressive panoramic views and ends in a cave system with 7 natural pools known for their healing properties.

La Batata
Hacienda Codina. It is a ranch with several attractions such as medicinal mud baths, medicinal and ornamental gardens, a collection of orchids, and ending in a viewpoint.

Hacienda Codina
Casa del Café: It is a place where you can taste various types of coffee prepared in various ways that will delight lovers of this precious drink.


2 People: 30 cuc x people
People: 20 cuc x people
4 People: 15 cuc x people


  • For groups of 5 or more, you should check prices except for the horseback excursion.
  • The entrances to the facilities, if any, are not included in the price because they are subject to constant variations.
  • The additional expenses that the client may have are at their expense.





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