Restaurant Hanoi

Restaurant Hanoi

The Hanoi restaurant is located in the Plaza del Santo Cristo, just opposite the Capitol. You can eat good Creole food for 3 or 4 cuc and it is a place frequented by tourists for its abundant, good and cheap food. It has a covered restaurant and an outdoor terrace where live music is offered every day.

Restaurant Hanoi
This restaurant is traditionally known as the house of the Vine, for the vine that looks in its interior patio.

Restaurant Hanoi

It is a colonial house of the XVII century, cozy, which is specialized in Creole food and fried Vietnamese rice.
This picturesque red-tiled house has two living rooms, an interior patio and a bar, where you can enjoy refreshing drinks in the shade of its famous grapevine while listening to live music. At night it is especially charming.

Restaurant Hanoi

The place has two floors and comfortable chairs with well distributed tables, good lighting and excellent service.

Restaurant Hanoi 
It is a classic Havana restaurant that you can not miss during your visit. It is one of those gifts that you find when you enter a restaurant without knowing where you are going to enter.

The name is deceptive in terms of the food you can find, since its chef bets on traditional Cuban food with recipes from his grandmother.

Restaurant Hanoi

It is a kitchen made with seasonal and quality products.

Ropa Vieja

Address: Teniente Rey (officially Brazil) and Bernaza, Old Havana
Phone: +53 7 867 1029
Schedule: Open every day from 12:00 to 23:00 h. 


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