In Otramanera restaurant, you can enjoy a cuisine with quality products, fresh and seasonal.


It is one of those new, private restaurants that are proliferating in Havana. It is the result of the merger between a Spaniard and a Cuban who decided to set up a business on the island and that stands out for its good taste and elegance.


She, Amy Torralbas, habanera and the, Álvaro Diez, from Gerona, decided to implement this dream, which has made this restaurant count as one of the most demanding and modern in Havana.

A weeping willow welcomes us in its entrance, a patio that has tables, and where you can enjoy a very pleasant atmosphere.

Its interior transmits elegance and white color that stands out in its decoration, simplicity and cleanliness.

It has a dim lighting that invite intimacy, whether for a romantic date or as a friend.

Its menu seeks to combine the Caribbean and the Mediterranean with dishes such as Andalusian salmorejo with Serrano ham shavings, brochettes, carpaccio, fried yucca, rice pudding, sweet rice with lobster or tocinillo de cielo con coco.


Among its dishes is the Sasiki, a tasty cream made with yogurt and cucumber; The snapper ceviche, the wok of fresh pasta with lobster and shrimp, the goat cheese salad, the mozzarella cheese or the seasonal salad.


It has a good service, friendly and professional, although its prices are not affordable for any pocket.

Address: Calle 35 Number 1810, between 20 and 41
Phone: (53) 720 383 15


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