La Gruta

La Gruta

La Gruta is located on Calle 23, the most popular street in Vedado, in front of the Hotel Nacional. On this street is the Coppelia Ice Cream Shop and the Habana Libre Hotel. It is one of the busiest streets of Havana and ends at the boardwalk.

This disco is located in the basement, with which you have to go down a small staircase that gives access to one of its 2 rooms.

La Gruta

Belongs to the state, with what you have to pay a cover to enter that varies depending on the day of the week and that can be between 3 and 5 cuc, although sometimes can reach 10 cuc, depending on whether they have live performance.

Concert of the 4
Among its strengths is its location and its good atmosphere of dance and joy. Perhaps, if we compare it with other more modern discotheques, it would lack comfort and more space for the dance, but its good atmosphere replaces it with spades.

Like almost all nightclubs, it also offers gastronomy in case you want to eat something.

It is among the most valued in Tripadvisor, which means that there is enough foreign clientele, although it does not cease to be a nightclub in which, most of the clients are Cuban and the atmosphere is totally Cuban. It can be said that it is a typical Cuban disco.

Dancing salsa in the Gruta

They also have the so-called matinees, which is to open the nightclub between 3 and 9 at night. Many nightclubs in Havana have this modality that makes it possible to find an atmosphere at different times and with different people than the one that is at night.

Address: Calle 23 between O and P, Vedado
Phone: +53 783 693 20


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