Café Tilín

Café Tilín

It is located in the central Galeano street in Centro Habana, near the Casa de la Música of Centro Habana (Galiano), Habaneciendo, the Deauville hotel and the Havana boardwalk. A good place to start and end a night listening to music in a pleasant environment and end the night strolling along the boardwalk.

Café Tilín

One of my favorite places to enjoy Habanera night. It is one of the most fashionable places, both because of its location and because of its live music.

It has a cozy atmosphere, with a dim lighting that creates an atmosphere for enjoyment, and a perfect combination of good music and the excellent coffee that the house offers in a wide and delicious range of blends.

It stands out for its excellent service, cocktails and live performances.
It has an exquisite and modern interior decoration where the contrast of the color of the walls, carmelitas and cream, match that of the tables and chairs.

Café Tilín

It has a nice bar with modern stools and lights that combine with the spaces. All together, makes Café Tilín a unique and unique place.


As the name suggests, the specialty of this place is based on the aromatic Cuban coffee and its different variants with an exclusive style called Tilín, each one, for its attractive flavors.

The Tilín cafe is a bar, cafeteria and restaurant. It offers a la carte service of International, Gourmet and Fusion cuisine. Here you can enjoy dishes such as pork chop, frozen sushi or sweet and savory crepes, pizzas, pesto brisket, etc. His specialty is fried ice cream.


The prices are affordable, and more if we consider the exquisiteness of the combinations. You can enjoy the Tilín coffee made from a double espresso, powdered milk, cinnamon and chocolate powder always presented with a creative design, or the Tolu Coffee whose ingredients are condensed milk and chocolate powder, as well as other creative mixtures of the Tilín.

Café Tilín

Cocktail is the favorite of customers who visit this cafe at night, for its wide variety of drinks and drinks.
Address: Galiano No. 119 between Ánimas and Trocadero, Havana Center
Phone: +53 786 447 90


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