Sarao’s Restaurant


The Sarao, located in Vedado, is one of the fashionable places of Havana and more since celebrities such as Katy Perry or Usher the rapper, visited him on his trip to the island.

It also owes its fame to the careful and exquisite gastronomic proposal. Highlights the uniformity, kindness and friendliness of their service.

Sarao's Restaurant

Located very close to one of the most important avenues of Havana, Avenida de los Presidentes, it is a good place to spend a pleasant time at any time of the day or night accompanied by family or friends.

Organized on two levels, it has a terrace and an interior patio that is the envy of many restaurants in Havana.

Its white salons stand out, its steel railings, a set of changing lighting and large screens to liven up the evening with salsa and reggaeton music videos in their majority.

Depending on the time of day varies the atmosphere that you can find, so, in the morning it becomes a cafeteria, an ideal place to go to breakfast. At midday he offers us an international cuisine with a slight Mexican influence. And at night you can go for tapas with friends while you enjoy dancing and music.
It attracts both tourists and locals who come here to enjoy their food and music in a friendly atmosphere.

It also has a select clientele with money and sometimes you can match a famous music, sports or model.

Its wide space makes the tables are separated and their guests do not get upset while eating, not as it happens in many restaurants and palates, to take advantage of the space as much as possible put more tables than is advisable creating a somewhat more saturated environment.

It is one of those places that give you the feeling of being in a European restaurant, but with its touches of Cuba.

It also has buffet service, smoking room, parking and take-away service. You can also make your reservation in advance if you want to secure a site.

Regarding your letter, it is worth mentioning the variety of dishes that make the choice not easy, although you can not say that their dishes are economical since we are in Cuba, it is not expensive if we compare it with prices in Europe or the United States.

Sarao's Restaurant

In it you can enjoy both international food and tapas.

You can try a gazpacho for 3.50 cuc, grilled fish with Meunier sauce for 7 CUC …

The house specialties are lemon chicken strips with raisins, the chicken roll filled with nuts or the Mignon steak.

It has a variety of beverages and a tendency to invent new ones. Do not miss the cosmopolitan, the daiquiri or the caipiroska.

The approximate cost per person can be around 8 to 14 CUC.

Address: Calle 17 e / E and F, Vedado
Phone: +53 7 8320433
Schedule: Open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m


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