Sarao´s Discoteca

Sarao´s Discoteca

The Sarao, is located in Vedado. It counts with being one of the fashionable places of Havana and more, since celebrities like Katy Perry or Usher the rapper, visited him on his trip to the island.

Sarao´s Discoteca

It is among the newly created private clubs, so the prices are not exactly cheap, but if you want to enjoy a good atmosphere in a modern and fashionable place, this is undoubtedly Sarao.


Located very close to one of the most important avenues of Havana, Avenida de los Presidentes, it is a good place to spend a pleasant time at any time of day or night accompanied by family or friends.

Sarao´s Discoteca

They emphasize their white salons, their steel railings, a game of changing lighting and large screens to liven up the night with music videos of salsa and reggaeton in their majority.

Sarao´s Discoteca

Its bar, backlit, has a wide range of all kinds of beverages.


In the morning he receives you in white with a quiet atmosphere that transmits peace and a music according to this environment, while at night he surprises with more cheerful colors and more varied music to give rhythm to the Havana night.
Some dancers say that Sarao has one of the best dance floors in Havana, both because of its size and its music.

Sarao´s Discoteca

It attracts both tourists and locals who come here to enjoy their music in a pleasant atmosphere.

Between his live performances you can enjoy both emerging and established figures.

Sarao´s Discoteca

It also has a select clientele with money and sometimes you can match a famous music, sports or model.

The Sarao also has a restaurant service, with which you can enjoy the night eating something while enjoying the night between dancing and dancing.

Sarao´s Discoteca

In his menu he has a fairly extensive menu, with sandwiches, entrepanes, hamburgers and entrees. What if you go hungry you can eat in the same disco without having to be looking for a place to dine before going to the disco.


Address: Street 17 e / E and F, Vedado
Phone: +53 783 204 33


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