Cabaret Turquino

Located on the 25th floor of the famous Habana Libre hotel, Cabaret Turquino has stunning views of the city of Havana. It is a pleasure to have a drink while watching the night view of the city through its large windows.

Cabaret Turquino

It is located in one of the best areas of Havana, near the Hotel Nacional, and next to the Coppelia Ice Cream Shop. With many nightclubs nearby.

At midnight the retractable roof moves so you can enjoy the sky and this gives a different atmosphere, when moving from a closed room to an open terrace without leaving the site.

Cabaret Turquino

Some days he plays some live orchestra like the Van Van and has his own dance school. They also put music videos to liven up the wait and after the show.


Around 10:30 pm there is usually a cabaret show.

You can learn to dance salsa and bachata, and learn new steps in the classes they give.

Cabaret Turquino
Here they also offer, apart from the drinks, a tapas menu to eat something. The prices of both tapas and drinks can not be said to be cheap, but the experience is worth it, even if only once.

Cabaret Turquino

The entrance costs between 15 and 20 CUC and opens its doors from 9 in the afternoon until 3 in the morning. If you are late, the capacity may be covered and you can not pass.

Address: Hotel Habana Libre, Calle 23 y L, in El Vedado
Phone: 783 461 00


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