What to do in Viñales

In the vacations to Cuba a destination that can not miss is Viñales, either for a round trip to see the valley of Viñales or to spend several days and enjoy the wide range of excursions, horseback riding, rental of bicycles, beaches, you can also practice mountaineering in a valley that has stunning views and relax with a massage after an intense day.

What to do in Viñales


Excursions are organized to the heart of the Viñales Valley. They make routes and walk along trails where you can see the beauty of the valley, the secrets of its nature, flora and fauna.
Peasants taking juice from sugarcane

The guide will take you to the farms where you can see the farmers work the land, tobacco crops, cassava, corn, taro … and the way of life of the farmers.

Farmers collecting the harvest

You can see rivers sprouting from springs and enjoy their refreshing waters.
Prices are flexible depending on time and distance, but they are usually about 10 cuc per person.
There are other shorter excursions such as “nature walk and culture”, “path wonders of vineyards”, coconut trail alone and palmarito.

Horse trips

The horse ride is among the most popular excursions that take place in Viñales.

Horse trips

This will take you through the trails of the mountains and you can contemplate the mogotes, crops, collection, drying and processing of tobacco.

Peasant making cigar

The guides are professional and the horses are calm, so you will not have to worry about anything, just let go.

Horse trips

Bicycle rental

A service widely used by tourists to move around the city and the valley and its surroundings.

Bicycle rental

For this, mountain bikes prepared for trails that have a certain degree of difficulty are rented.


Mountain climbing service with professional guide is also offered. It does not matter that you are an amateur.


Cueva de Santo Tomás

It is the largest cave in Cuba and the third largest in Latin America. It is 18 km from Viñales.

Cueva de Santo Tomás

Cueva del Indio

Boat ride inside the cave with a guide. It is located 8 km from the center, you can go by taxi or bicycle.

Cueva del Indio

Visits to the beaches

Cayo Levisa

It is 60 km away.

Price: Bus plus lunch and entrance from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 35 CUC if they organize it in the information office.

Cayo Levisa

If you are on your own by taxi: 25 CUC and once there you have to take the boat that departs from Palma Rubia that leaves at 10:00 AM.

Cayo Jutías

It is 65 km away.
On the beach there is a restaurant, but not accommodation as in Cayo Levisa, where there is a hotel.

Cayo Jutías

In both you can snorkel, water bikes, kayak, rent sunbeds, diving and bottom fishing.

By car 20 cuc per person round trip.

María la Gorda

At 200 km from Viñales, there are many diving offers from 35 cuc to 400 cuc.


The bus costs 41 cuc, plus the entrance, lunch.

Hours: from 7:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.


And after an excursion, horseback riding, cycling, mountaineering or salsa lessons, nothing better than relaxing with a massage at the hands of a specialist who will relax your muscles to continue enjoying Viñales.


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