Casa de Asturias (Discoteca)

Casa de Asturias (Discoteca)

The Asturian Center is located in Old Havana, on the Paseo del Prado. Very close to tourist sites such as the Capitol and the Central Park. A few minutes walk from the historic center of Havana.

Casa de Asturias (Discoteca)

For the day restaurant and night club.

It is among my favorites because of its location since I stay in Old Havana and I can walk.

Casa de Asturias (Discoteca)

It is small, but it has a good atmosphere and good music. You have to pay an entrance in which consumption is included, but in the end it compensates and more if instead of beer you consume mojitos or another type of cocktail.

Casa de Asturias (Discoteca)

In the lobby there is a cafe, La Xana, where you can eat cheaply to keep going or before you go home.


You have for example a very complete pork burger, with lettuce and tomato included for 25 cup, which comes to be 1 cuc, although at the hours that I go there are no longer and I just catch the beef for a little less than 2 cuc.

Cafetería la Xana

When I do not go to this club, likewise before I go home, there are times I spend to eat something.
Address: Paseo del Prado 309, corner Virtudes
Phone: +53 7 8641447


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