La Calesa Real

La Calesa Real

La Calesa Real offers a universe of flavors with its Cuban, Italian and international cuisine.

Located in the heart of Old Havana, on Compostela Street, very close to Obispo Street.

La Calesa Real

Its name derives from the means of transport used by the bourgeoisie when Cuba was part of the Spanish empire. Tourists can still enjoy this service that is offered in some streets of Havana, such as in the Plaza de la Catedral.

At the intersection of Obispo and Compostela, next to La Dichosa, you will see 2 or 3 girls offering the menu of the Royal Calesa.

It has a cozy atmosphere, a personalized service and liven up the food with live and recorded music.

La Calesa Real

If you want to celebrate your birthday in the Royal Calesa and take a table for 4 people, the main dish of the honoree is free. Anyway, ask before if this offer has changed.

La Calesa Real

Both the restaurant and the girls who offer their menu on Obispo Street will inform you.

La Calesa Real menu

His specialty is lobster with sauce to the Royal Calesa; the John Bill fish fillet with Bechamel, shrimp and cheese; or the shrimp cocktail with rose sauce and rum. It also has a variety of desserts such as rice pudding, fritters in syrup, coconut candy …

Sample of dishes from the Royal Chaise

Address: Compostela 359, between Lamparilla and Obrapía
Phone: 786 450 01


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