Torre restaurant


The Torre restaurant is located on the 33rd floor of the Focsa building in Vedado, and is surrounded by the streets 17,19, M and N. Very close to famous hotels such as El Nacional or Habana Libre or the famous Coppelia ice cream shop.

The Focsa building, with 39 floors, counts with being one of the highest in Havana, and its green color can be seen from almost anywhere in Havana. It was built in 1957 and counts on being one of the 7 wonders of Cuban civil engineering.

Building Focsa

From the restaurant you can see a panoramic, almost 360º of Havana from its large windows. These, in addition, make it have a fantastic natural light.

Panoramic view from the restaurant

Its decoration, simple and refined, is enhanced by its wonderful views of Havana, both day and night, where you can enjoy both a sunset and the lights of the city at night.

 Interior of the restaurant

It has recorded music as well as live music.

 Interior of the restaurant

This restaurant, state-owned, has an excellent service and its dishes are of high quality.


Their dishes have French touches, among which we can highlight the tart amandine (almond cake) or the golden to the papillote.

Restaurant dishes

It also has international cuisine that offers fish with shrimp, grilled fish fillet with shrimp are maitre sauce and white wine or the sirloin steak with pepper.

Restaurant dishes


It also has a bar in case you just want to try their cocktails, wines, beer …

The prices are rather tourist, but if your pocket can not afford it, at least take advantage if you are in the area and take something while you rest and take advantage to enjoy its wonderful views.

Direcction: Edificio Focsa, Street 17 number 55, Vedado
Telephone: (+537) 838-3088
Hours: Open every day from 12 to 24h


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