Up and Down

A modern place, located in the heart of Vedado, where you can enjoy their drinks and their tapas.

Up and Down

As its name indicates, it is a modern place, far from the idea that we can have of what is a disco in Havana.

It is a trendy, modern place with a good atmosphere.

Up and Down

In its decoration, the 50-inch TVs where you can enjoy good music, mainly American and English pop and Cuban music, which together with its light plays and good atmosphere will make you spend an unforgettable night.
The Up & Down has two delimited spaces, the ground floor (down), an ideal place to dance and have fun, with enough atmosphere and more saturated.

Up and Down

And the top floor (UP), if you are looking for a quieter and more intimate place. Here you access through a ladder controlled by a vigilante. Going up has a price, you have to consume a minimum to enjoy this intimacy.

They have VIP cards for special clients that usually consume in this discotheque and that gives them direct access to the top with guaranteed table.

Up and Down
On Mondays and Wednesdays they have two-for-one offers on some drinks, which means that there are more youths with fewer resources who feel like having fun at one of Havana’s trendy venues.
The specialty of the house is a mixed assortment of chicken fajitas. Among its most popular dishes is chicken curry.
They also have Spanish food, such as tapas, which include the octopus portions, croquettes … also have grilled food with rice, potatoes … as well as main courses such as pork, beef or fish.
The prices of the entrees are between 4 and 10 cuc. The main courses vary between 6 and 15 cuc.

Address: Street 5ta esq. B, Vedado


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