Restaurant La Roca

Restaurant La Roca

The Restaurant La Roca restaurant is located in the heart of Vedado, very close to Hotel Habana Libre and the Coppelia ice cream shop.

Restaurant La Roca

This restaurant usually has live music by a pianist. They also play in both the consecrated and emerging figures on the Cuban scene.

It has a modern decoration, simple and bright with a wide range of colors that does not saturate and is pleasant. It also has an interior patio and a terrace.

Restaurant La Roca

The tables are well distributed and distanced so that the diners do not bother and with comfortable chairs to make the evening more pleasant, as well as an excellent service.

Its gastronomic offer is suitable for any type of pocket. It has menus from 4 cuc approximately, to the most sophisticated and expensive, although suitable for almost all types of pockets.

Menu La Roca

The menus consist of a main dish that can be based on beef, pork or chicken and accompanied by rice and vegetables. They include a national drink and a dessert that is usually f ice cream.

Inside the menu you can find breaded pork with rice and viandas, drink and dessert for 3.95 CUC. The filet chancellor with rice and corn for 6.50 cuc. A cocktail of shrimp for 3 cuc.

Restaurant La Roca

They also have a wide variety of dishes, from pizzas and spaghetti to more elaborate dishes.

Pizza in La Roca

Direction: Street 21 No 102 corner street M
Telephone: +53 7 334501


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