A walk through the Tunas

A walk through the Tunas

The Tunas, it is the capital of the province of the Tunas. He is in the oriental zone and is known as the Balcony of East, here it begins the Cuban east.

It is known also as ” the city of the sculptures “, since it tells with more than 100 of them decorating the capital.

It is a place with little tourism, which is grateful because you are not the harassment that is in the habit of existing in the Havana. It has a more relaxed and family.

He is between the most green cities of Cuba, and in spite of having population great, gives the impression of being in a big people.

Most of the places of interest is in the downtown. I would begin taking a little in the terrace of the Cadillac, opposite to the park Vicente García.

Hotel Cadillac

Do not stop walking along his streets about this park, it is called the attention well that remain his buildings, abundances of color and of his pedestrian streets.

1. Park Vicente García

Formely known as Plaza of Weapon, it was inaugurated in 1858. Here there took place combats enraged between the Cuban and Spanish troops during the war of the independence.

Park Vicente García

In the center we can see San Jerónimo’s Church, precedent of a catholic hermitage of 1510 and where it is said that first one spoke about the Virgin in Cuban soil.

2. The provincial museum General Vicente García

It is a colonial house, of blue color and happens for being one of the most important buildings of the Tunas.

The provincial museum General Vicente García

This museum is dedicated to the General Vicente García, hero of the War of 10 years. The motto of the flag of the Tunas owes to him, ” burned before that slave “, referring to the resistance mambí against the Spanish in 1876. The city was inflamed in order that the Spanish could not shelter in her, started by burning his own house.

After the War of the independence it was used as barrack of telegraphs, but in 1897 it burned together with the rest of the city. In 1921, after his reconstruction, it worked as town hall, and was in the 80s, when it was inaugurated as Provincial Museum.

The provincial museum General Vicente García

It shows us a collection from the epoch precolonial up to the revolution.

It has several permanent exhibitions and several transitory one that his history, science and culture show. Between his objects you will be able to see ancient weapon, or the chains used to catch the slaves.

3. Natal house of the Major General Vicente García

Constructed in 1800, it was a house of masonry with roof. His initial value was 2000 golden weight.

In 1876, the General Vicente García reduced to ashes the Tunas beginning for his house to avoid his use on the part of the Spanish.

Natal house of the Major General Vicente García

In 1897 one returned to inflame las Tunas, this time for the assault mambí that Calixto García was directing.

In 1985 they begin the works of restoration of a historical place that it saw this hero was born tunero.

4. Square Martiniana

Nice square dedicated to the national hero Jose Martí. It was inaugurated in 1995 in commemoration of the centenary of the Manifest Montecristi signed by Jose Martí and Máximo Gómez, I document where ideas were gathered to organize the war of the Cuban independence of 1895.

Place of obliged visit, it is located in the old town of the Tunas.

Square Martiniana

In her history and astronomy is mixed. There consists of a solar reflector convective, a solar calendar and a solar clock. In the soil, the shade shows a calendar with important dates of the history since it are the birth and Martí’s death between others.

On May 19 at 14:30, date and hour of Jose Martí’s death, the light is reflected in the face of his sculpture.

5. Museum of the Martyrs of Barbados

It is a museum dedicated to the victims of the terrorist assault that existed in Barbados. 73 persons died in this terrorist air act on October 6, 1976, between them the Olympian sportsman of fencing, Carlos Leyva. This museum was inaugurated in the one that was his house.

Museum of the Martyrs of Barbados

It has works of art and historical places related to the local heroes.

6. Source of the Antilles

Here there is gathered the description of the chronicler of Christopher Colón, Pedro de Anglería, based on the legend of the chief called Jaía.

The legend counts that the son and inheritor of this chief, died. This one was buried inside a gourd that was symbolizing the fertility and the prosperity with the intention of which one day was reviving. But one day, 4 boys attracted by the curiosity took her and this one exploded, sprouting of her water and fish and giving origin to the Antilles.

Source of the Antilles

His form remembers the form of the island. The head and the arms correspond with east, the left leg doubled to Cienfuegos and other one to the western provinces.

The corals represent the rest of the islands.

One of the works of major beauty of the province of the Tunas.

7. Square of the Revolution

Dedicated to the General Vicente García, it is one of the most important squares of the Tunas. From here, Lawns it arranged the assault to the city. Here, the general Calixto García installed the artillery mambisa, being outlined as drawer the son of Jose Martí.

It was inaugurated by Fidel Castro in 1997.

Square of the Revolution

It is clear of 3 platforms that they represent 3 fires that destroyed the city, the walls do the effect of a military fort. It has 7 panels where there are represented the most relevant historical facts from 1868 up to today.

Between the most significant elements Vicente García’s statue placed on the doors of the enclosure.

Puerto Padre

To approximately 50 km to the north of the Tunas we have Puerto Padre with his beautiful and virgins beaches.
It seems to be that Puerto Padre was the first site where Christopher Colón landed in Cuba.

Puerto Padre

Do not get lost the Fuerte de la Loma, it is one of the most important historical monuments of the whole province of the Tunas. It was constructed in 1868, in the war of the independence, constructed by Spanish.

Fuerte de la Loma

East was constructed in two stages, first to defend the city for the sea, for which surrounded itself with a pit and a drawbridge, in the second stage one strengthened to defend itself for land adding the towers.

The general Vicente García took it after taking the city in 1877. Later this one was left up to the second war of the independence in 1895. This one ended up by being burnt in order that the Cuban they were not returning to be done with.

You cannot get lost this city surrounded with beaches virgins and exotic of white sands and crystalline waters between those who emphasize Playa la Boca, la Herradura or la Llanita.

Puerto Padre

If you wish a resort with everything included you have Top Covarrubias, which possesses a reef of coral of 3 kilometres.

Trip for las Tunas

The Cornito

A small people in the middle of the nature, an ideal site to happen the evening.

The Cornito

Opposite figures or Heads of Indian

He is in the estate the Cornito. In this sculpture we can see the heads of 2 aboriginal Cuban chiefs, Maniabo and Jibacoa.

Opposite figures or Heads of Indian

Stocks on the rivalry of these two chiefs, Maniabo in the Tunas and Jibacoa in Holguín.

In his fight for expanding his territories, Maniabo remained humiliated losing his valor and prestige.

Mount Cabaniguán

Placed between Granma’s provinces and the Tunas, it is known for being the major world reservation of crocodile acutus or American crocodile.

Mount Cabaniguán

In you will be able to realize aquatic visits and to enter a refuge of wild life of the most exotic of the country. You will be able to see Flemings and Cuban parakeets between others.


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