La Piña de Plata

La Piña de Plata

The Piña de Plata is located in Old Havana, below the Floridita, in Obispo Street.

La Piña de Plata

It has simple decor and is one of the few restaurants that does not have live music.

Interior of the Piña de Plata

It is among my favorite restaurants because of its location and price.

From its windows you can see one of the busiest areas of Havana, as it is below the Floridita and is at the beginning of Street Obispo, the busiest street in Old Havana, full of restaurants, souvenir shops and access to the historical heritage of Havana.

 Interior of the Piña de Plata 
It is a simple place with good food and very cheap prices.
Among its menu, stand out the tables, that include meat or fish, accompanied by rice and vegetables, national drink and dessert with a price that oscillates between 4.95 and 7.95 cuc.
 Menu Piña de Plata
For example, you have the menu Muralla composed of supreme chicken strips, onion, peppers and wine, white rice and fresh vegetables.

Menú Muralla
Or the menu Marinero, consisting of fish fillet and shrimp in butter sauce and parsley, white rice and fresh vegetables.

Menú Marinero 
Both with national drink included and dessert.

f you eat a lot of eating starts with a soup between 1.5 and 2 cuc or a pizza to share.
You have pizzas for 3.5 cuc and add the ingredients you want for a small price.

Direction: Corner between Obispo and Bernaza


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