The mojito was one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite drinks. As the same said, “My mojito in the Bodeguita, my daiquirí in the Floridita”

 Written by Hemingway

Cuban mojito is a cocktail of international fame. It is among the most popular drinks in the world of cocktails. The cradle of the mojito is undoubtedly Cuba. It is not known exactly what its origin is. It is said that it was already done in 1586 and its original name was “Draque” in honor of the famous English pirate Francis Drake, although there are many versions about its origin.

At first it was made with a cane brandy called tafia, primitive predecessor of the rum, and was added the other ingredients to hide its strong flavor.
Already in the nineteenth century, with the improvement of the manufacturing process and with the introduction of new copper stills, it became what we now know as rum.



  • 2 teaspoons white sugar
  • 8 leaves of spearmint
  • 30 ml. Of lime juice
  • 60 ml. Havana Club Rum aged 3 years old
  • ½ file cut into slices
  • 120 ml. Soda or sparkling water
  • Crushed ice
  • A few drops of angostura (concentrated lime juice)


1-    The glass is very important, since it is not used shaker here, all the mixture is made in the glass, which chooses a glass of transparent glass similar to that of the photo

Mojito Ingredients

2-    We put the sugar in the glass

3-    Add the lime juice and with a fine spoon mix the juice and the sugar

4-    Tap the peppermint leaves with a mortar so they release their aroma, without crushing them too much, and we squeeze them in the bottom of the glass with the juice and sugar mixture. Do not break the leaves, if we crush the leaves too much would give us a more unpleasant taste

Peppermint is crushed

5-    Put the lime pieces in the bottom of the glass and give a few touches with the mortar to release part of his juice, but not too much

6-    We put the rum and we put abundant crushed ice in the glass

7-    Fill with soda to fill the glass and pour a few drops of angostura (optional) stirring gently

 Making a mojito

8-    Decorate with a branch of spearmint, a slice of lime and serve



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