Café TV

Café TV

The Café TV is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Havana when I visit the Vedado area.

Located in Vedado, in the building Focsa, one of the highest in Havana, on the ground floor is the Café TV.

Café TV

Its decoration is inspired by series and television programs.

Café TV

In the morning they offer breakfast with eggs, toast, juices and fruit.

Café TV

The food menu is extensive and there are what are called “menus” that are quite complete, abundant and inexpensive dishes that include a national drink and a dessert that is usually frozen.

Menu Café TV
In its wide menu you can also find creams, soups, seafood, fish, pasta, salads …

Menu Café TV
I usually order as a starter a chicken soup or a cream of seafood, very good, and then a dish, which is usually quite abundant and usually do not usually finish.

Café TV 
At night there are humorous shows. These are advertised on the door of the restaurant in a sign and on the you can see the comedians who are going to pass by during the week.

Night shows
The entrance costs 10 CUC, but you can consume them inside. The waiter that takes care of you is pointing all that you consume and in the end you subtract the 10 CUC you paid for the entrance.
Finished the show begins to operate the disco. Both during the show and during the disco you can also enjoy your meal.

Direction: Edificio Focsa between N and 19


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