House of Music of Miramar

This house of Music of Miramar was inaugurated in years 90 and since then it has been consolidating like one of the temples of the salsa and the Cuban son.

House of Music of Miramar

It happens to be one of the most active nightclubs in the city. According to the Habaneros, the best of the two Houses of Music that Havana has, the Havana Center (Galiano) and Miramar.

Among its audience, quite heterogeneous, you will see Cubans as well as tourists of all ages enjoying a show and live music while dancing on their track.

Show in the House of Music of Miramar
For their stage they spend every year the best bands of Cuban timba, jazz or rap among others.
It has enough atmosphere, both in the matinees, from 16 hours, and at night.
This House of Music is not very big, but it does not make it less important, it has the right size, and good atmosphere, you can not miss it.

Concierto in the House of Music of Miramar

When you finish you can go up to the Tun Tun Devil, which is located on the top floor, and is part of the same complex. Here the predominant music is reggaeton.

An ideal place to go early in the morning when other clubs have closed, you will find long lines to access this nightclub.

Direction: Street 20 corner to 35


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