La Guarida

La Guarida

This mansion was built in 1913, and although it needs a restoration it has the charm of those buildings from the beginning of the last century.

Located in Havana Center, when you reach it, you will be able to feel the Cuban daily life, and enter into the Cuban way of life, the voices of the neighbors or the tenders of clothes put to dry.

It was one of the main stages of the movie “Strawberry and Chocolate” before opening this restaurant.

Among its decoration you can see objects from the film, portraits of the Cuban revolutionary Jose Marti or symbols of the Cuban religion.

La Guarida

It has a few candle lights on the tables and antique lamps that make the restaurant very cozy and with background music to make the atmosphere more pleasant.

Terrace of the Guarida

It is located on the third floor of a building in Havana Center. It has a revolutionary mural with Fidel giving his famous speech “Homeland or death”. A delight for photographers.

Rihanna on the Guarida

Their food is among the best in Havana. Apart from the traditional Cuban cuisine, it makes use of the Nouvelle Cuisine, based on its traditional Cuban dishes and high quality ingredients.

Menu at the Guarida
Among its dishes is osobuco ravioli with marrow sauce, ravioli with cheese and pesto sauce or spinach crepes with funghi sauce.

Sample of dishes in the Guarida 
In the account they will add a 10% for the service, this, in Havana, only happens in the most demanding restaurants.
It also counts, of course, with an extensive wine list, where you can not miss wines for customers with a high purchasing power.
If you like to smoke, there is a smoking room.
Usually quite busy, I recommend booking in advance. It has high demand despite having high prices.

Terrace of the Guarida

There are great personalities such as Danny Glover, Beyoncé, Robert de Niro, Spielberg, Madonna, Benicio del Toro, Rihanna and Queen Sofia among others.

Beyoncé at the Guarida

Direction: Street Concordia 418, between Gervasio and Escobar
Telephone: +53 786 690 47


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