Paladar San Cristóbal

Paladar San Cristóbal

Located in Havana Center, this paladar is located on the ground floor of a palace of the XX century.

 Dining room San Cristobal

Its careful decoration has antique furniture, black and white photographs, clocks, porcelain, sculptures, taurine posters and a huge altar that recharges the atmosphere.

Altar dedicated to San Cristóbal

The San Cristóbal paladar has been influencing of all the culinary influences of the island coming from countries like Spain, Italy or continents like China or Africa among others.
Being a restaurant of reference makes its prices are not at all cheap.
Their food is typical Creole. In their menu they have dishes such as roasted pork, shrimp, lobster, eggplant ceviche, stuffed eggplants, Spanish omelet, a combined plate of beef, chicken and fish, also has skewers of pork, chicken or ham.

A sample of dishes
Do not miss their desserts, among them, the specialty of the house, the San Cristóbal pudding.

A sample of dishes
This was the site chosen by Barak Obama to dine on his trip to the island, which was a surprise, not expected, according to the chef:
It was a surprise, we were dumb, we did not expect it. We found out a few minutes before your arrival. The security service supervised the food.

The first thing he noticed was a photograph of Nat King Cole near the table. Obama got up to watch it better and already saw a photo of Beyoncé from when he was on this palate in 2013.

 The Obama family with the Chef who served them 
Obama chose grilled beef tenderloin accompanied by grilled vegetables and his wife Michelle, a dish called Temptation Habanera, composed of filet chopsticks with a red wine sauce. For dessert they had a pudding of the house and a pudding with milk. Obama and his mother-in-law ended up with a single coffee.
According to his waiter, Obama was accompanied by his escorts until he was on duty.

 An hour after the Obama family march
They spent about two hours and paid the bill, about 30 CUC, leaving a good tip.

Direction: Street San Rafael No 469 between Lealtad and Campanario, Havana Center
Telephone: (+53) 7860 – 9109

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