Surroundings of Santiago de Cuba. Part 2

Although somewhat far, if you have time and do not mind taking a car, do not miss visiting:

Surroundings of Santiago de Cuba. Part 2

8. Siboney’s Granjita

It is located 14 kilometers from Santiago de Cuba. Inside you can see the Granjita de Siboney museum. It was the general camp of the young people who tried to take the Moncada Barracks on July 26, 1953. It was the beginning of the Revolution to overthrow Fulgencio Batista’s dictatorship.

Siboney's Granjita

Discovered by Fidel Castro in April 1953 when he was making a tour of the Siboney road. With the pretext of installing a poultry farm, it became the headquarters of the revolutionaries who stormed the Moncada Barracks.

They built chicken coops to hide cars, wells for weapons.

Room of the Granjita Siboney

In it you can know the preparations prior to the assault, how the action was developed and the consequences it had.

It has an exhibition of photographs, documents and articles belonging to the assailants.

 Objects of the assailants

9. Valley of the Prehistory

Valley of the Prehistory

In it you can enjoy life-size stone dinosaur sculptures. Opened in 1980, it has more than 200 sculptures representing dinosaurs, mammoths …


Separated in geological times from the great dinosaurs to the appearance of man, where you can see even hunting scenes between animals and humans.

 Hunting scene

It is possibly the largest construction we can find of this type.

 Fight between dinosaurs

The largest sculpture belongs to the 12-meter-tall Cromagnon man.

Man from gromagnon

10. The Great Stone

The Great Stone

If you have time do not stop going up to the Great Stone. It is of volcanic origin and belongs to the Sierra Maestra mountain system. Do not miss the views from your viewpoint. If the weather is fine, you will be able to enjoy all its coastal coastline from the park of Baconao to Santiago de Cuba. They say that if the day is clear you can see Haiti.

You can make rest in the restaurant that is on the way to get strength before the climb.

Access staircase toThe Great Stone

To get there you will have to go through a road full of curves of 1.2 kilometers and then walk up 452 steps until you reach the top. Armaros of patience, the climb is long, take water, but you can enjoy while climbing its lush vegetation among which has ferns and orchids.

Top of The Great Stone



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