D’Next coffee bar

D'Next coffee bar

We met this restaurant by chance last year walking through Old Havana. It was very hot, we were sweating and we needed to refresh ourselves taking something, and if possible, in a place with air conditioning.

It is a trendy place where groups known as Gente de zona sometimes stop.

Gente de Zona in the D'Next

As soon as you enter you will notice that strong Cuban air conditioning, which sometimes leaves you frozen. It is a modern and well decorated place, with a pleasant atmosphere, very colorful and with great pleasure.

With a nice bar and although it’s hard to say, with a nice service (WC), and more when you’ve seen what’s there.

It has several televisions that I would like to have for me, over 50 inches, where they put music videos and promotional of your local.

It is located in Old Havana, near the Floridita. From your door you can see the Capitol.

D'Next entry

In its menu it has breakfasts, pizzas, spaghetti, sandwich, entrepanes and hamburgers among others, and you can not miss the fruit smoothies (mango, banana, mamey …), if you have not tried the mamey do not miss the occasion, or your delicious ice cream.

D'Next Menu

The specialty of the house is the D’Next burger, made with beef, gouda cheese, vegetables, serrano ham and fried foods (the root vegetables are tubers and roots such as sweet potato, malanga or yucca), do not miss their entrepanes …

D'Next entrepanes

… or your pizzas with chicken or carbonara.

Pasta in the D'Next

It has a good service, and quite fast if you compare it with other restaurants in Havana.


It is a private restaurant of those that are now proliferating in Cuba, it is more expensive than Cuban restaurants and palates, but it is worth it.

Address: Teniente Rey # 512 between Monserrate and Bernaza
Phone: +53 786 055 19


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