Scams in Cuba

Cuba happens to be one of the safest countries in the world. It is one of the few countries where you can walk until the wee hours of the morning through dark streets and feel safe.

Of course, also has neighborhoods that I would not approach at night, but are far away from the areas in which you are going to move.

Do not forget that the island lives on tourism, is its main source of income, and therefore, the tourist is given a special protection.

That does not mean that some clubs can put your hand in your pocket without you noticing. You must be careful where you carry the money, but if you are robbed, which has never happened to me, it will be careless, not violently.

In Cuba, if you get the money is rather based on scams and especially in Havana.

The Cuban smells of foreigners, especially when they have been in Cuba for a short time. They always have an excuse to go abroad.

The “where are you from?” Is the order of the day, as well as, what equipment are you ?, or “I have family in Spain” or “what time do you have?” Or “I was at the airport when you arrived , I remember you “, anything to start a conversation and you can not get rid of.

I have been going to Cuba for more than 10 years and it is still heavy for me. If you answer them it will take a while to get rid of it. I prefer to ignore or say that you’ve been on the island for a month.

With this I do not mean that all Cubans are equal, it is only a small part, what happens is that they move around the tourist areas and end up becoming heavy. They are usually male, young and harassment is more of day. If you have to ask something in the street, better to elderly people, women or police.

And as for the scams … there are of all types. I have already met several times a woman who goes with a child and tells you that she does not want money, that she needs milk or medicines, she takes you to the store, she makes you spend more than you would have given her and then they sell the product to finish removing you more.

In the bars of the state, I doubt it happens in the private ones, when they pass the bill to you, see that everything is correct before paying, I have been charged some drinks for more.

Or the Cuban who hits you on the street or on the boardwalk at night and ends up saying it’s his birthday, yes, if you ask him what day we are, he can not tell you.

There is also the one who tells you that he is getting married and that you are wearing a nice shirt or shoes and he does not have clothes for that day.

Yes, beware of buying cigars on the street, you can give them facts with banana leaf or go to know how, much less change money on the street, use the CADECAS, exchange houses.

And if you buy Wi-Fi cards, buy them at the hotels or at ETECSA, which will be cheaper, although you’ll have to wait in line and maybe when you arrive there are not any.

 Wifi card
ETECSA is the telecommunications company of Cuba. You have one in Obispo Street, between Havana and Compostela, you will recognize it by the queue that is always on the door, not to be confused with the queues of the CADECAS, that there are 2 in Obispo.

Telephone company in Cuba
And as not the taxi drivers, better ask before how much they will charge you, and if not put the meter, that if they do not tell you that it is broken clear hahaha or negotiate before. Although this scam is not the heritage of Cuba.

Scams in Cuba 
If you get the money, it will be like that, with wit and kindness.

This was told to me by the owner of a house where I left:

“Do not do Auto-Stop leaving the City of Cienfuegos to continue to Trinidad. On this road people usually meet, sometimes even in pairs with children, when tourists of good intention make a stop, to upload and move to help them, what they do is that, when they approach the car, puncture the tires to obtain monetary gains from you. When moving immediately the driver realizes that the tire is losing air and it is here when these people that you have taken, are very kind helping them. Finally they are taken to a place where they have everything coordinated very close so that they fix their tire and charge it excessively expensive.”

“When you go to a rental house, on many occasions you can find people who, when they ask for the address, tell them that they are family members and that they have been sent to wait for them. That the car does not reach the house because it is in the center and the streets are cut. CARE are just FALSE STORIES to try to take them to other houses, where they will earn money for each day of their stay. These people in Cuba are called HUNT FORTUNES or HUNTERS and they usually move in Bicycles. “

As we all know, life in Cuba is not easy, there is a lot of poverty, wages are on the floor and as they say, you have to invent to be able to live. At least it is appreciated that if you are cheated or robbed, it is not with violence, if not wit, it is already in the hands of each one to be deceived or not.


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