El Gato Tuerto

It is located in Vedado, very close to the Hotel Nacional and the Malecón. El Gato Tuerto is a bar with history that has retained all its charm from the past.

El Gato Tuerto

According to the story, this was founded by one of the founders of the Bodeguita del Medio in 1960.

In principle it was the meeting place and gathering place of the most bohemian intellectuals and artists of Havana. Over time, its clientele has changed and today, it is composed of a mix of tourists and Cubans.

El Gato Tuerto

Havana has local salsa, rumba, reggaeton … but there are also places where jazz is the protagonist, and this is the case of Gato Tuerto.

At the door you will see a guy in a suit and tie who will welcome us, once you pass through the revolving door you will find yourself immersed in a pleasant and different atmosphere from most of Havana’s premises.

It’s a small place, with a few small tables, a bar, a dim light, the smell of tobacco, walls covered in mirrors and a small stage where live music groups take place.

El Gato Tuerto

They also offer their gastronomy with affordable prices, as an example their cream of viands with serrano ham for 3 CUC or the old clothes or the supreme of pork roasted to the Creole for about 5 CUC, or as garnish the pilaf rice for 1 CUC

One of the reasons to visit the Gato Tuerto is its live music, especially after 11pm, at which time some of the best bands and performers of the moment come together.

 live music

In the we can find public of all the ages, tired of the discotecas and lovers of the music with roots and traditional.

Being a very popular and busy site, it is recommended to book early or go early.

Address: Street O nº 14, between 17 and 19, Vedado
Phone: (537) 838 2696


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