The Bodeguita del Medio

The Bodeguita del Medio, founded in 1942, is of visit forced for the tourists. It is one of the restaurants most known about the Havana. In fact, it is not easy to enter, is in the habit of being saturated of tourists, so much one was throwing photos, since inside.

The Bodeguita del Medio

On the counter you will be able to see a cartel that he says “Hemingway se tomaba aquí su Mojito “.

Signature of Hemingway

As the legend counts, it was not a very frequented place until Hemingway came, a mojito was drunk, and he liked so much that it left a note of gratefulness. This note you can see her framed in the bar.

Placed in the Old Havana, you will be able to come walking along his streets while you enjoy his environment and his streets. It is located closely together of the Plaza of the Cathedral and several sites of tourist interest.

It has the only atmosphere with his racks full of recollections of his visitors more acquaintances like Hemingway, Paul Neruda, Fidel Castro or Salvador Allende between others.

Preparing a mojito

His walls rely on infinity of autographs and messages, that visitors of the whole world stopped stamped.

Dedications on the wall

His food based on Creole kitchen, is good, but slightly expensive.

I have not managed to eat here, many other better sites happen to me, but it does not stop being an obligatory stop for the tourists. Though you do not like to eat, you cannot go away without proving his mojito. You cannot say that you have happened for the Havana without entering the Bodeguita del Medio.

 live music

In you will be able to listen to good live music.

Direction: Street Empedrado 207 between San Ignacio and Mercaderes
Telephone: (+53 7) 867-1374


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