Malanga fried

Malanga fried

The malanga is first one of the food that get in the diet of the babies since it has a few nutritional very high values and is easy to digest.

Ingredients for 4 people

3 medium malangas
2 eggs
5 cloves of garlic
Salt and pepper
Olive oil


1.     The malangas are washed by a brush and dry off well

2.     They struggle carefully, slip and it is easy to be cut

3.     They are grated by a thin grater, it will stay as a white paste

puff of malanga

4.     Throws the garlics peeled in a mortar, taking from him before the central nerve, a pinch of salt and crush them until a pasta stays

5.     Adds the parsley to the mortar

6.     The content of the mortar Incorporates to the container where you have the malanga, if it can be a better depth to be able to do well the mixture

7.     To beat the eggs and to spill them in the container

8.     Adding a little salt and pepper and mix everything until it becomes a creamy mixture

9.     Leave It to rest in the icebox

10. Warms approximately 400 ml of oil in a frying pan or a fryer

11. Extracts the malanga of the icebox and takes a medium spoon, you her fill and throw the content in the warm well oil. You can do them of 5 in 5

12. When it is gilded give him the return with the help of a fork

13. When you extract them put them on absorbent paper to take the fat from him

14. Serve hot

Malanga fried


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