The Cecilia

The Cecilia

La Cecilia is a recreational tourist complex that is located in one of the main arteries of Havana, on Fifth Avenue, in Miramar, west of the capital.

It is set in the 50s with scenes from the most famous Cuban movies.

It is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Havana for its exquisite dishes of traditional Cuban cuisine and its excellent service.

It also has a pizzeria, barbecue, as well as selling lighter and snacks. … and also has a store for the sale of tobacco, rum and Cuban coffee.

La Cecilia does not offer live music concerts on weekends with the best groups of the moment in a unique atmosphere and atmosphere.

It has a capacity for about 200 people and has a huge wooded patio with its stage, tables and bar.

Gente de Zona in the Cecilia

You can sit at the tables that surround the stage or stand in your huge garden, to enjoy the concert.

As for the tables to comment that more than once I have taken a nasty surprise. As soon as they see you as tourists, they try to take your money.

There are tables that have the sign of reserved and others that do not put anything. In those who do not put anything you can sit without problem, but always the waiter is ready to tell you that it is reserved and tells you that to sit you have to take a bottle of rum with soda cans and an ice bucket and that goes to cost 100 cuc.

The Cecilia

You will see other Cuban tables sitting and thinking, and these have also paid 100 cuc?

In these you can do several things, or tell him to call the manager and explain it to you, or ask him which are the tables that are not reserved or, if you go with Cubans you tell them that you feel them first to see what happens, do not They will say nothing.

When you sit at a table, you have at your disposal a waiter who is responsible for several tables and who will be in charge of serving you without having to go to the bar. In the end you give what you want for the service, usually 10%.

Address: Avda. Quinta between Street 110 and Street 112
Phone: (+53) 7204 – 1562


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