Camagüey’s beaches

Camagüey, apart from the city, also has other tourist attractions such as the Jardines del Rey in the northern coastal area and in the south, the Jardines de la Reina.

Camagüey's beachesThe north of Cuba has the second largest coral reef on the planet. This means that Camagüey has 20 km of beach protected by this barrier. This makes Santa Lucia an important point of attraction for lovers of diving and other water sports.

Beaches of Saint Lucia

Located to the north of the island, 110 kilometers from Camagüey, it is part of the so-called Jardines del Rey.

Santa Lucía

Protected by the coral reef, it can be described as one of the best beach destinations on the island.

Santa Lucía

A few kilometers from the beach, from the air, you can see a continuous line of foam that betrays the existence of the second largest barrier reef on the planet. This makes Santa Lucia resemble a gigantic natural pool, almost without waves.

Account, approximately, with 34 dive sites for diving lovers.

In its waters, warm and crystalline, you can see a wide variety of marine flora and fauna, caves, caverns and sunken ships, vestiges of Spanish colonization.

Near Nuevitas, at about 26 meters deep, you can see the remains of a 19th century Spanish merchant ship while diving with the presence of snappers and groupers, as well as enjoying the entire range of reefs.

You can also dive with sharks in the so-called Shark’s Point. Here you can see how the instructors feed these sharks.

Shark diving

Its nature is very well preserved and has an important nesting area for pink flamingos.

Los Jardines de la Reina National Park

Area of ​​global relevance due to its great biological diversity and its insects and mollusks, unique in the world.

Gardens of the Queen

Considered the largest virgin marine refuge of Cuba, it is formed by an archipelago with the same name that has 250 virgin islands.

Gardens of the Queen

It is part of the 4 archipelagos that the island has, being the third in extension. It has a front of 150 kilometers.

This was baptized by Christopher Columbus, in honor of the Queen of Spain.

In it you can practice contemplative diving and sport fishing.


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