Camagüey’s beaches

Camagüey, to part of the city, also possesses other tourist attractions since the Gardens of the King can in the coastal north zone and in the south the Gardens of the Queen.

The north of Cuba possesses the biggest second coral reef of the planet. This does that Camagüey possesses 20 km from beach protected by this barrier. This turns Saint Lucia into an important point of attraction for lovers of the skin-diving and other nautical sports.

Camagüey's beaches
Beaches of Saint Lucia

Placed to the north of the island, to 110 Camagüey’s kilometres, it forms a part of the Gardens called of the King.

Santa Lucía

Protected by the coral reef, it is possible to qualify as one of the best destinations of beaches of the island.

Santa Lucía

To few kilometres of the beach, from the air, it is possible to glimpse a constant line of foam that betrays the existence of the biggest second coral reef of the planet. This does that Saint Lucia is alike a gigantic natural swimming pool, almost without waves.

It possesses, approximately, 34 points of dip for the lovers of the skin-diving.

In his waters, hot and crystalline, there can be seen a wide variety of flora and fauna it marinades, caves, caverns and sunked ships, vestiges of the Spanish settling.

Near Nuevitas, to approximately 26 meters of depth there can be seen the remains of a merchant Spanish ship of the 19th century while you dive with the presence of pargos and mere, beside being able to enjoy the whole range of reefs.

Also it is possible to dive with sharks in the Shark’s Point called. Here you will be able to see as the instructors they feed to these sharks.

Shark diving

His nature is very well preserved and possesses an important zone of pink flamingos building.

National park The Garden of the Queen

Zone of world relevancy for his great biological diversity and for his insects and mollusks, only ones in the world.

Gardens of the Queen

Considered the major marine virgin redoubt of Cuba, it is formed by an archipelago by the same name that possesses 250 islands virgins.

Gardens of the Queen

It forms a part of 4 archipelagoes with which it counts the island, being the third party in extension. It has a front of 150 kilometres.

This one was baptized by Christopher Colón, in honor to the Queen of Spain.

In it is possible to practise the contemplative skin-diving and the sports fishing.


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