“Prostitutes’ food”

If you ask a Cuban him on the rice to the Cuban it will not know of that you are speaking to him, there they do not know it, it is a Spanish invention.

In Cuba, there is a similar plate, but without fried tomato to which it knows as ” prostitutes’ food ” and which many Spanish might identify as rice the Cuban without it being.

They are called it a ” prostitutes’ food ” because it is very easy and rapid of preparing, and it is supposed, that these ladies do not have a lot of time to put to cook because always they walk with hurries..

It yes, if you go to a Cuban restaurant you will find it in the letter, neither as prostitutes’ food nor as rice to the Cuban, if you desire it, better he asks for a boiled rice with egg and fried banana.

Ingredients for 4 persons

  • 300 gr. of rice
  • 8 eggs
  • 4 ripe banana
  • Oil
  • Salt


We set water to boil in a ladle and when boiling throw the rice. It depends on the type of rice it will be late more or less, but approximately 10 minutes. We prove it and rectify it of salt

Cooked rice

We peel the bananas and cut for the half lengthways 3 ó 4 times. We flour them and throw it in a frying pan with oil until it remains golden. We extract it and put it in a source with kitchen paper to drain the oil.

frying banana

In the frying pan we throw the oil and fry the eggs.

frying eggs

We put the rice, the egg and in the wings the fried banana.

Prostitutes' food


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