Discotheque Galiano

Discotheque Galiano

The House of Music of Galiano or Havana Center, is located in an apartment building on Calle Galiano.

Discotheque Galiano

At the entrance they have a sign where all the concerts that are going to be during the week appear, so yes, if you have time, take a walk, enjoy the street atmosphere and throw a picture to the poster to know that you will find that week.

All the important groups of the island have performed in this House of Music, which is formed by a mixture of locals and tourists of all nationalities.

When big bands act, the price of the entrance varies a lot, but the frenetic atmosphere that is reached in these concerts, make the experience worthwhile.

In it you can see concerts of the best groups in Cuba such as Gente de Zona, Los 4, Lariza Bacallao, El Chacal or Charanga Habanera or Arlenys Rodríguez among others.

Concert in Galiano

Apart from the night concerts, you can also enjoy their matinees, which are concerts that take place at an earlier hour, around 5 in the afternoon.

If you are hungry, here you can also order some starters or pizzas to liven up the night, especially before the concert, as these take a long time.

When you enter, if you are a foreigner and you go without a female company, you can become quite overwhelmed, because before you get to the bar and at the bar they will “harass you” to invite them to take something and keep you company.

Dance floor in Galiano

This House of Music, has several bars, both on the first floor, and near the track.

There are 2 Music Houses in Havana, Havana Center and Miramar.

The one in Centro Habana is more spacious and informal and if you stay in Havana Center or in Old Havana you can go for a walk and enjoy the nightlife of Havana or if you prefer you can go by bicycle from Obispo Street for about 3 -5 cuc or taxi for 3 cuc from Parque Central.

Address: Street Galiano, between Concordia and Neptuno
Phone: (+53) 7860 – 8296


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