Discotheque Galiano

Discotheque Galiano

The House of the Music of Galiano or of Havana Center, he is in a building of apartments of the Street Galiano.

Discotheque Galiano

It was opened in the year 2003, and he is considered to be one of the best and more popular night centers of live music of Cuba.

In the entry they have a cartel where there appear all the concerts that are going to exist during the week, if you have time, date a walk, he enjoys the street environment and throw a photo to him to the cartel to know that you go away to finding this week.

All the important groups of the island have acted in this House of the Music, which is formed by a mixture of places and of tourists of all the nationalities.

When they operate big bands, the price of the entry changes enough, but the frantic atmosphere that is reached in these concerts, they do that the experience costs a sorrow.

In her I could have seen concerts of the best groups of Cuba as Gente de Zona, Los 4, Lariza Bacallao, El Chacal or La Charanga Habanera between others.

Concert in Galiano

To part of the night concerts, also you can enjoy his matinées, which are concerts that are given at an earlier hour.

If you are hungry, here also you can ask for a few inlets or a few pizzas to entertain the night, especially before the concert, since these are delayed enough.

When you enter, if you are foreign and go without feminine company you can manage to become oppressed enough, since before coming to the bar and in the bar they will harass you in order that you invite them to take something and to doing company to you.

Dance floor in Galiano

This House of the Music, it possesses several bars, so much in the first plant, since near the track.

There are 2 Houses of the Music in the Havana, that of Havana Center and that of Miramar.

That of Havana Center is more spacious and informal and if you lodge at Havana Center or in the Old Havana you can be giving a walk and to enjoy the night atmosphere of the Havana or if you prefer it you can go in bicitaxi from the street Obispo for approximately 3-5 cuc or in taxi for 3 cuc from Central park.

Direction: Street Galiano, between Concordia and Neptuno
Telephone: (+53) 7860 – 8296


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