El Chanchullero de tapas

El Chanchullero de tapas

In the front there is a plate that he says “Here Hemingway was never “.

To come to you will have to enter his streets, not tourist, streets old but full of captivations, and will know what is the Old Havana you impregnating in this environment, in this atmosphere that does that your trip is more intense and that it does not limit itself to knowing the typical of the Havana, and with it I refer to his streets, since the Chanchullero de tapas, little by little has been gaining a reputation him for his good one to do.

El Chanchullero de tapas

His tenuous lighting plunges us as if we were in a small cellar.

Placed in the Old Havana, it offers us an agreeable and modern place. It has a bar and 4 tables of wood with a few full walls of grafitis and photos.

His decoration looks like the Bodeguita del Medio for his walls full of messages.

His walls are decorated, in addition with a few boots, a few glasses of welding, boxes, sacks and tickets of all the countries that the tourists are leaving as recollection of his step and that happen to form a part of his decoration … creating a very singular atmosphere.

His prices are attainable to any pocket, and in you can enjoy so much of the Creole kitchen as the international one.


Between his specialities there is the Surtido Chanchullero in whom you will be able to taste an exquisite variety of sausages, breads of garlic with basil.

You cannot get lost his enormous and exquisite shrimp chilli pepper´s or the kebab of chicken.

El Chanchullero de tapas

The price of the eaten ones, together with his quality and quantity, does that always it is full, especially of young people.

It yes, like in almost all the restaurants of the Havana, you will have to wait a good moment until they serve the order you, as in receiving the account and the return.


The Chanchullero is between the fashionable bars of the night environment. The only environment to enjoy and to share the night.

Direction: Teniente Rey No. 457A bajos between Bernaza and Cristo (Plaza del Cristo)
Telephone: (+53)7 861 0915 // 527 609 38


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