El Chévere

The Lounge Chévere was in his day one of the most popular discotheques from Havana until the room Macumba took his hegemony from him.

A place outdoors surrounded with a leafy forest, where Cuban and tourists mix to dance sauce until early hours of the morning.

Dancing in the Chévere

Placed next to the river Almendares, his track fills with life. Surrounded with a leafy garden and with centenary palms it is possible to enjoy his music, dancing or simply seeing to dance.

It is a slightly unforseeable discotheque as for environment refers, though some weekends it recovers his brilliance.

They give appointment to him humorous actions and the best bands of salsa. Also it is possible to enjoy live music an orchestra or concerts of reguetón.

El Chévere

If you do not dominate the salsa they have his own school of  dance.

The chévere is one of many discotheques that exists in the Havana to practise salsa.

Direction: Parque Almendares, Street 49C and 28A, Reparto Kohly
Telephone: (537) 2044990


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