The beaches of the East in Havana

The “The beaches of the East in Havana” are located about 20 kilometers from the historic center of Havana.

Each one has its characteristics and charms. In them you can find villas, hotels, houses and accommodations, both for foreigners and Cubans.

Among them it is worth mentioning, in order, from the closest to the most distant one: Tarará, Mégano, Santa María del Mar, Boca Ciega and Guanabo.

The beach in the East in Havana

They are reached by the Vía Blanca that goes from Havana to the city of Matanzas.

You can access the eastern beaches by bus. This leaves Central Park and has a cost of about 5 cuc round trip. By taxi, the price is agreed and for about 20 or 25 cuc i / v you can arrive, once there, meet the taxi driver to pick you up at a certain time. And in almendrones, which are old cars that Cubans usually use to move because they are cheaper.


It is a private residential area that was created at the end of the 40s in a privileged place on the banks of the river with the same name and that has a white sand beach and crystal clear turquoise waters.


It is a tourist village that has several villas, hotel areas and shopping center. In it you can practice water sports and diving.

It is the closest to Havana and is considered the best of the eastern beaches. This makes their access limited and more expensive.

To access this complex you will have to pass a control in which you have to show, both your passport and the taxi driver who will enter you. In this access you have the option to choose only beach or pool and beach.

If you choose only beach it will cost you 5 cuc per person of which you can consume 4 cuc. In it you will have a small ranchón where you can drink and eat.


If you choose a pool, it is 12 cuc of which you consume 9, if I remember correctly or 15 cuc on Saturdays, of those who consume 12 cuc.

Swimming pool of Tarará

In any case it is not expensive, since, unlike Havana, the cheapest national beer costs you at a local 1.65 cuc, here you pay 1 cuc. And eating is cheap if you compare it with other beaches, even with many places in Havana.


El Mégano

It is the second of the beaches. Also of white sands and turquoise waters, it has a small area of ​​beach. The Villa Mégano hotel is 100m away.


Until recently, this beach had a small ranch near the beach and it was not very popular. Now, due to the protection of the dunes, the ranch has disappeared, as well as a lot of tourist infrastructure. Now you only have hammocks and small umbrellas.


To eat you have a restaurant that already existed long ago and is not far away. The prices … the menus in the beach bars are usually not cheap and if you go late you may have little choice.

Menú Mégano

fish fillet

Santa María del Mar

It is the best known and busiest beach. It mixes both tourists and Cubans. It has vegetation and crystal clear water, in addition to its white sand.

Santa María del Mar

It has 3 kilometers of beach to Boca Ciega. If you want more peace you just have to walk through it until you find a quieter area that is not so saturated.

Santa María del Mar

It has no residential area, only a few isolated houses and has several hotel facilities.

Boca Ciega

It consists of a kilometer and a half of coastline. There are no hotel facilities.

Boca Ciega


With 5 kilometers of coastline it becomes the largest of the eastern beaches.


It does not have hotel facilities, but if private homes for tourists, it also has commercial and recreational facilities.

From the Mirador Bellomonte Bar you can see the whole beach.


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