Don Cangrejo

Don Cangrejo placed in Miramar, is a restaurant by day and a discotheque in the night.

It possesses a room of concerts outdoors next to the sea, in which you will be able to enjoy the marine breeze while you eat or enjoy his night concerts.

Don Cangrejo

Since in almost all the discotheques of the Havana, you can eat before or during the concert.

Between his specialities it possesses the mere one, the pargo, camarones, lobster and as not, the crab, though the snack food is not absent as the pizzas or plates to share.

On a former swimming pool you can reserve table in his zone VIP in an agreeable environment near the sea, and in the night enjoy a concert groups known about the Cuban scene.

The place is protected, but in turn, opened. In you can enjoy the of Havana littoral. An ideal place to spend a good moment enjoying the breeze of the sea listening to music.

Better to reserve table in advance, when acquaintances go groups of reguetón it fills and is not very much I surround where to sit down.

Good musical, good sound, it is not very big, but it has very good environment. Better if there is live music. It calls before to find out, if there is no a good group it remains a bit lame as discotheque.

Direction: Avd. 1, nº 1606, between 16 and 18, Miramar
Telephone: +53 7 2044169


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