Don Cangrejo

Don Cangrejo, located in Miramar, is a restaurant by day and a nightclub at night.

It has an outdoor concert hall next to the sea, where you can enjoy the sea breeze while you eat or enjoy your evening concerts.

Don Cangrejo

As in almost all clubs in Havana, you can eat before or during the concert.

Among its specialties it has grouper, snapper, shrimp, lobster and of course, the crab, although there is no shortage of fast food such as pizzas or dishes to share.

Above an old pool you can reserve a table in your VIP area in a pleasant environment near the sea, and at night enjoy a concert with well-known groups of the Cuban scene.

The place is protected, but at the same time, open. In it you can enjoy the Havana coastline. An ideal place to have a good time enjoying the sea breeze listening to music.

Better to book a table in advance, when well-known reggaeton groups are full and there is not much room to sit down. Good music, good sound, it’s not very big, but it has a great atmosphere. Better if there is live music. Call before to inform you, if there is not a good group it is a bit lame as a disco.

Address: Avenida 1, nº 1606, between 16 and 18, Miramar
Phone: +53 7 2044169


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